The Himalayan Lust

Why Himalayas?

experiencing deeper dimensions through yoga  blessed with the serenity of Himalayas

These mountains are not just mountains but the peaks reaching out to divine. Saying them just mountains would be obviously inferior to its immeasurable transcendence. From the time immemorial these Lustful miracles of divine have been abode of several mystics and Yogis. These mountains have been home for even other beings who renounced to seek divine and the truth of life.

These mountains are surely the towering presence of the unrivalled grace than any other place ever found. Being the home of those who were willing to die and blessed to be born again to truth, “The Dwijas or the enlightened ones”, these elevated cradles of divine still are alive with their imprints of the wisdom and energies.


The truth is that every one seeks; every one seeks the love of the ultimate love. Those with firm yearning seek intensely; seek the love of life, lust of life, truth of life. And pathways of Himalayas are surely leading to the womb of the ultimate love.

Ensuring the same to be experienced by masses , making the mountains not just the place but experiencing their capability of infusing this intensity to seek beyond, We present to you the experiential  opportunity to dwell in the heart of Himalayas in our the Yoga Retreats.

~Tanya Kumar



Bandhavgarh fort… a glorious lure…

Bandhavgarh Fort

A Glorious lure …

Unveiling the treasures of Madhya Pradesh, how can someone not be love struck by these gorgeous Vindhyas and this glorious place of Bandhavgarh illuminating its exuberance by its rich cultural heritage? Not just the terrific Safaris and adventures from sights of the big cats to other strips and varieties of flora and fauna will draw your attention here to this place but also like the ever present archaeological heritage.

Once you visit this place, we will surely not miss out to make visits to these dashing places which are roaring its vibrant abundance not less than the other wilds here.

The landscape of the park is dominated by the Bandhaini hillock and Bandhavgarh Hill; and on the top of Bandhavgarh hill is the Bandhavgarh hill. The fort is said to be thousand years old and its remains carry the stories of many kings and even the beginnings of the park.  Everyday a very limited number of vehicles are allowed to make a trip to this fort.


“Shesh Shaiya” which depicts Vishnu reclining on a bed made by Shesh Naga (the king of serpents)

On the way of fort you can see many caves attesting to the cultures of the millennium before Christ, and many sculptures. Not just these but many mesmerizing sights of the sculptures of the Vishnu incarnations are also part of the way to the fort. The most prominent one of these is “Shesh Shaiya” which depicts Vishnu reclining  on a bed made by Shesh Naga (the king of serpents)  This is also a spot from which Charanganga , the main river , drains Bandhavgarh.

On the top of the hill you will your sights would be caught by other domes and small temples too along with the fort which had been the ruling seat of many dynasties from the beginning 6Th century AD.

All such Cultural lures are also adding their shine to make this place, a place of showered abundance. Don’t miss out this beauty of perfection by nature and culture with your own visit to the wellbeing centre of Monsoon Forest at Bandhavgarh.

~Tanya Kumar

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The Sacred Walks… Jageshwar Temple

Evolution retreat

Indian culture has been the only culture where the every aspect of human life was focused only on the ultimate wellbeing of the human being. The immediate material wellbeing was just taken as a very minor part of human life. The moment you are born, your life is not about your business, your family, your wife or your son, your life is about “mukti” or “liberation”. Every wheel of human life oriented towards the ultimate liberation. The whole society was structured like this. From geography to economy of India, the roots are cultivating human wellbeing in every sphere, every activity and every transaction of life.

So naturally this culture wanted to create every such device and support, every possible situation of life to enhance this process. From this perspective many tools had been created in this culture. Amongst such tools Jyotirlingas hold extreme significance. These jyotirlingas are very intense and powerful tools in this direction. These have tremendous power because they were consecrated and made in a certain way and are located at a certain geographically and astronomically significant points. These points are subject to certain forces in existence. If one just goes and sit there in front of this stone (jyotirlingas), it will just blow hell out of you. Jageshwar is also believed to be the site of first twelve Jyotirlingas. It has been a place which has been home for the famous Yogi of name Lakulish. He was a great Yogi and a mystic who stayed in Jageshwar and consecrated this linga. He contributed  to the science of Yoga. Since his time and his contribution to Yoga this place (Jageshwar)  emerged as one of the major spiritual centres of the the world.

Exploring the vivid historical spiritual culture , experiencing the intensity of the energized spaces of the temples, making use of the tools and being receptive to grace, the walks through this temples make the days during the retreats have a auspicious of completeness.

~Tanya Kumar

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Making life itself as a process of Yoga

At a retreat centric programme, an opportunity to be in grace at a yogi”s abode Jageshwar at Van Serai and learning to make every process of life into Yoga

Evolution retreat

Retreat programme at Jageshwar, abode of shiva…

The word yoga has lost its meaning in the present world, moreover its authenticity. The moment you utter the word Yoga people think it in a form of an exercise form or aerobics. Yoga isn’t an exercise form. It literally means “union”. Other words that can describe this are “oneness” and also “inclusiveness”.

Today we all know that the whole existence is just one energy. It’s all one. But the contradiction is that we experience this reality as separate. We experience you as you and me as me, this plant as this plant and ant as this ant, but not as a part of me. Why is it so? If you begin to break this limitation that you are separate, and begin to experience the oneness and inclusiveness of this existence, that is what is Yoga. Inclusiveness is reality, yoga helps being in tune with reality.

All the religions of the world are singing the truth that the god is one and science say that everything is one energy. Fundamentally both the statements hold the same meaning but former is one that is “believed” and latter is “mathematically deduced”. If we neither believe it nor mathematically deduce it, but Experience it, we call it yoga.

So what is Yoga and what is not yoga is the question. There is nothing that is not yoga. Every action, every process of life is yoga. If you use every process of life as a stepping stone towards breaking your limitations, that is yoga. Everything can be used as a method, the way you breathe, sit, stand, walk or even work. So the science of yoga is also this that how to bring the reality of boundlessness and inclusiveness as a living reality in you not as a mere idea to believe in.

Here in Evolution, the tools and techniques are designed in such a way that you will know life through inclusiveness. To keep up the tint of oneness and divinity the programs are conducted in the laps of nature. Nature is the ultimate support to bring this oneness in experience. The Yogis and  Sadhus from the very have chosen the undisturbed natural spaces as a place to do their spiritual sadhana so as to keep the blessings of all forces of nature as divinity as a paramount element of the support. The retreats also are placed in the gorgeous hills of Uttarakhand to not to miss out on this element at Van Serai, Jageshwar.

experiencing deeper dimensions through yoga  blessed with the serenity of Himalayas

Experiencing deeper dimensions of life through yoga blessed with the serenity of Himalayas

This place has also been prime place of sadhana for an ancient sage with the name of Lakulish. He was a famous shaiva and this place still mummers the mysticism from the shaivic culture in the sheer vibrance.  We invite you to experience the taste of entire life as a process of Yoga at this soberly alive place.

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Spiritual journey in Central Himalayas


Asian Adventures conducted a 7 days Yoga Retreat programme at Van Serai in Jageshwar (Uttarakhand). The programme started in Van Serai, Jageshwar on 8th June. All the participants met ‘Reema Saikiya’ an experienced Yogacharya, who was the instructor for the programme. She briefed all the participants about the Yoga and Spiritual sessions for the impending days. Participants were very enthusiastic and excited for the ultimate yoga experience. Participants were asked to report empty stomach at sharp 6 am next morning.

The early morning experience was an amazing one, fresh air; fragrance of deodar trees filled the atmosphere with purity and divinity.
The morning session started with a detoxification and purification exercises known as “Shatkarm Kriyas”. First day the ‘Jal Neti’ was taught followed by the ‘Kunjal’. “Jal Neti” is helpful to clear the nasal passage and is an excellent cure for Sinusitis. Subsequent to this participants did “Kunjal” which is said to be very effective to cleanse the stomach by clearing out ‘Pitta’. ‘Laghu Shankh Prakshalan’ was also taught to the participants, which helps in cleansing of stomach, specially people who suffer from constipation.
The cleansing process was over in half an hour, in the next session the participants were taught some stretching exercises like neck rotation, arm rotation, back and hip rotations, Bending and twisting to work on muscles. This was followed by asanaas, Surya Namaskar, Anulaom-Vilom Pranayam, Yog Nidra and Meditation.
The duration of morning session was 3 hours and evening session was of 2 hours. After the morning session participants were offered breakfast. It was full of nutritious food like Sanjeevni drink, Fruits, nuts, Idli sambhar and Green tea etc. Post breakfast participants were taken to visit Ancient Temples, Nature walks and Mountain treks. Delicious Sattvik lunch was offered to the participants comprising of soup, vegetable juice, green vegetable, dal, chapati and rice. After lunch participants took some rest.
The evening session included yoga asanas, yog nidra and mediation followed by light dinner. After dinner discourses by Sadguru were shown to the participants.
The schedule was same for the following days of the programme.
On the last day i.e 14th June the participants were filled with gratitude towards their teacher and they were extremely happy and satisfied with the yoga retreat. According to them it was a never before experience as the whole programme took place amidst the natural surroundings. The sweet voice of Instructor, fresh air, silence and solitude made a perfect combination for a stress free and relaxing environment for body, mind and soul. Participants had amazing spiritual experiences in the temple while meditating in the Dandeshwar Temple, Katarmal Sun Temple and Jageshwar Temple. In the end participants were full of high energy levels, felt relaxed and rejuvenated.
Van Serai, Jageshwar provided participants comfortable stay, amazing hospitality and service along with the wonderful Chef and service boys, who provided marvelous support system by keeping the place neat and clean, taking care of the needs of participants and preparing delicious food.